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Renewable Energy Loggers Co. Ltd.
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Renewable Energy Loggers Co. Ltd.

9A, 108 Fortune Plaza Shanghai

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Energy Monitor  -  Dec 6, 2012
Brief Description:
Renewable Energy Loggers design and manufacture power monitor systems, which could help renewable energy system users know their systems\' performance and efficiency.

Expiry Date: Dec 6, 2012
Detailed Description:
The e-Solo series are suitable for solar / wind generation or home energy consumption monitoring. Display the real time and historical energy generation / consumption, Feed-in tariff income, and Co2 emission cut display. REL product is compatible with any brand or type of inverter. No protocol matching or complex wiring work any more. The e-Duo series synchronously make your solar generation and electricity consumption visible, which gives customer greater control, greater comfort and can lower energy bills and carbon footprint. Also, the e-Duo track and control the energy of different electricity appliances in your home and office at any time. And by working with e-plug, it can automatically shut off power on schedule to help you make smarter decisions about your energy use. The PC software e-Cloud allows continuous monitoring of major appliances(such as washing machines, clothes dryers) through a e-Plug.
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