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AAF India Pvt Ltd
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AAF India Pvt Ltd

No. 149/150, Bandapura Village Marasoor Post Antkal Tq.
562106 Banglore

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50 mm Tee-bar?  -  Sep 30, 2011
Place of Origin: AAF India Pvt Ltd
Model Number: 50 mm Tee-bar?
Brand Name: 50 mm Tee-bar?
Certification: ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000
Price Terms: N/A
Payment Terms: N/A
Detailed Product Description:
Modular design
Suitable for Class 100 -
Class 100,000 cleanroom

The AAF inverted Tee-bar ceiling grid is
a 50 mm wide lightweight system
designed to accommodate individual
filter modules, blank panels and \'lay-in\'
light fixtures in Class 1000 to Class
100,000 cleanrooms. The system is also
suitable for Class 100 applications in
which the entire cleanroom ceiling is
composed of AstroCel TM Filter Hoods
and teardrop light fixtures.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

The AAF Tee-bar system is easy to
install. The main runners are made of
3.6 m long lightweight aluminium
extrusions which are easy to handle and
install overhead. A typical AAF Tee-bar
grid system includes the required
number of main runners, cross runners,
noggin clips and wall angles to
accommodate a ceiling grid design
layout with standard grid openings of
600x1200 mm. The system can,
however, be customized to any size of
grid opening or design specification.
The Tee-bar system is available in an
anodized or powder coated white
(RAL 9010) finish.

The main profiles are installed between
the wall angles. Cross bar profiles are
installed between the main runner
profiles with the help of noggin clips.
Noggin clips facilitate quick and easy
installation. Installation of the main
runner and cross runner assemblies can
be achieved by applying a little thumb
pressure to the noggin clips. The ceiling
is suspended from the main structure by
way of M6 threaded rods and can be
adjusted to the required level by way of

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