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Buildings have been the basic units of life since the beginning of Evolution. Even our civilization started by the name of the basic building material ‘Stone Age’. A Building, apart from being a necessity as even mentioned in the “Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs”, is also the bread and butter of millions in today’s date. Just to quote, “The UPA Government would like investments in infrastructure to double to Rs 40 lack million during the Twelfth Plan beginning 2012,” that’s where we are heading to.


The Building Times is an emerging company in the industry providing a series of varying services such as E-mail Marketing, B2B Portal for Building Engineering and Its related Services in which chemical building products, Zinc/Copper building products, outdoor design equipments, as well as building automation and control system to name a few.


Indeed, in the Building Industry the Supply Chain has become so exhaustive that the Industry in itself is at times unaware of the capabilities, potentials and the technology advancements in different sectors. As a matter of fact, we know of the I Pad launch in advance, and that happens before we get to know of the next Exhibition on Green Buildings or say the next opening of the most sustainable Building.


To bridge this gulf in the industry on a whole and to keep every focused brain updated of the contemporary news, views and happening; we invite you to make your niche a click away from all that exists in the Building Industry. We are “The Building Times”.

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